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Feiyutech Vimble One Single Axis Smartphone Gimbal

Vimble One is a one-axis smartphone gimbal that will make your movies look extremely professional and stable. It is probably the simplest and best gimbal for those who want to start their adventure with filming and vlogging with a smartphone.

Stability in your pocket
It’s so small, it can fit anywhere. Folded, it’s the size of a smartphone, so you can easily put it in your other pocket in your pants or in your stuffed backpack. The inconspicuous brushless motor will ensure stable and vibration-free shots.

– smartphones up to 250 g and 41 to 89 mm wide
– application “Feiyu ON” for Android (6.0+) and iOS (9.0+)

Ražotājs: Feiyutech
Modelis: Vimble one
Cena: 41 €
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Tālrunis: (+371)28-77-***
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