The consulting company Stes Realty provides its customers with a full range of services for maintenance of apartments, private and apartment buildings, public and commercial premises. It can be both: long-term property management and the provision of certain services.

For the private sector we offer:
- solution of technical and domestic issues
- cleaning of premises and territory
- organization of minor repairs
- technical equipment maintenance
- premises insurance services
- cash flow accounting

House management includes:
- appointment of a personal house manager
- determination of the needs of the owners
- house maintenance budgeting
- optimization of energy costs
- organization of building renovation
- inspection of heating, cold water and sewage systems
- maintenance of engineering and technical equipment at home
- maintaining a safe and landscaped area
- cost accounting

Why we:
- availability of all necessary certificates according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia
- 24/7 service
- emergency response
- legal and accounting support
- flexible approach to resolving issues
- ecology and environmental safety
- quality assurance of work performed
- compliance with the quality management standard ISO 9001

Cena: 100 €

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